My name is Lisa and I’m the author of this blog. Lean Management has always played a role in my life one way or another ever since I first moved to Japan when I was still in high school. I later returned to Japan for an internship and spent large parts of my Bachelor and Master studies with research on Lean Management. After my graduation, I started a job in the automotive industry here in Germany. I started out by learning even more about Lean Management and continuous improvement, but also about linked concepts like Agile.

Even though Lean Management became less and less important in my daily job after some time, I started to transfer the concept to other areas of my life. I have since then developed quite a passion for minimalism. I did some radical decluttering both physically and mentally. Also I became interested in elements of Zen buddhism, especially meditation and mindfulness. Finally, I started to become more aware of environmental issues and set out on a journey towards zero waste.

Recently, I quit my job in the automotive industry to find time for some professional reorientation. For now, I will be blogging and noting down some thoughts on this site. But the clear target is to start my own business. How and what exactly that will be remains to be defined. In any case, I’m very much looking forward to the road ahead and I’d be honored if you joined me on this exciting journey.

By the way, in my free time I love spending time outdoors, mostly hiking and cycling. I blog about my trips at showingsomethingbeautiful.com. Feel free to check it out if you’re interested!